How Long Does A Home Inspection Take?

“How long will the inspection take?  Do I need to be there?”  These questions come up on a regular basis.   Every inspector will have different answers.

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Protecting Finished Basements from Leaks

Finished basements are wonderful additions to any home, but they are not impervious to the dangers of water leaks. Just because you have a modern, well-equipped basement doesn’t mean you can put off or ignore annual inspections.

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Asbestos and Home Inspections?

When you feel sick, you go to the doctor. When your dog is not acting like himself, you make an appointment with the veterinarian. But what if your house is sick?

Some homes contain toxic materials, such as asbestos. These materials can live in your home, jeopardizing the health of all family members. In fact, exposure to asbestos can cause respiratory diseases, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and pleural plaques. Some of these asbestos-related diseases can take many years to become apparent.

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Licensing Home Inspectors May Soon Become The Law In Colorado

Currently, there is no license required to be a home inspector in our fine state. A Bill has been proposed to change this. This may, or may not improve the quality of home inspections in Colorado.
Without requirements to be an “Inspector”, virtually anyone can open up shop doing home inspections. Get a web site, take some online courses, buy business cards, and you are all set. Thankfully, the great majority of these inspection companies do a very small percentage of the total inspections.
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Why I Like Home Depot & Lowe's

I’m really starting to like Home Depot, and their primary competition, Lowe's.  This is quite a revelation, because I used to hate the big box lumber yards. I now realize that these stores make a home inspection a necessity!
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Steve's Involvement In the Southern Colorado Chapter of ASHI

Steve's Involvement In the Southern Colorado Chapter of ASHI
In his ongoing effort to increase his knowledge of the inspection industry, Steve Willis has taken an active role in his local ASHI Chapter.  Originally, his involvement was primarily to earn Continuing Education credits.  All ASHI members are required to achieve at least twenty hours annually.  Steve routinely has in excess of forty hours.
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Do You Really Need A Home Inspection?

You made an offer on a new house and the sellers accepted it.  The first thing that the contract calls for,  is to get a home inspection.  This will set you back approximately $200.00 - $400.00.  Most homes, today, sell for well over $100,000.00.  The average price in Colorado Springs is almost $200,000.00.    The cost of the inspection is really quite small when compared to the investment you are planning to make.
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How To Find The Right Colorado Springs Home Inspector

Finding the right Colorado Springs Home Inspector may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. For most people, buying a home is the largest investment of their lives.  It is very important to know exactly what you are buying.

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Why A Sellers Inspection Can Save You Money

When you get ready to sell your home, is it really ready to sell?  Of course, you have shampooed the carpets and painted your boy’s room to cover the “Star Wars Blue”.  Maybe you may have painted the front door and raked the front yard…but, is your house really ready to sell?

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