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Home Inspections in El Paso County, CO

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Buying a New Home? Get a Home Inspection First!

People ask “Why do I need to get a home inspection?”  Because, a home is typically the most expensive purchase people make.  Would you buy a used car without having it checked out by your mechanic?  What if you used all your available funds to make the down payment only to later learn the home needs several thousands of dollars to make it safe?  Wouldn’t a couple hundred bucks have made good sense.

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Colorado Springs Home Inspector- Steve Willis

Greetings! I’m Steve Willis, your first choice for Home Inspections in Colorado Springs.  Having been a home builder for over thirty five years, I have a unique perspective about the construction of a home. Having built over 1000 homes, I know what to look for.

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Choosing the Right Colorado Springs Home Inspector

This may come as a surprise to some, but in the state of Colorado, no licensing is required to become a home inspector.  Therefore, a person should be very careful when selecting a home inspector for Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Purchasing a house is one of the largest investments you may make in your lifetime, so a professional inspection is essential.

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