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How Long Does A Home Inspection Take?

“How long will the inspection take?  Do I need to be there?”  These questions come up on a regular basis.   Every inspector will have different answers.

 For me, an inspection typically will take between 2 and 2 ½ hours.  The time will be shorter if the unit is a small townhouse or a very simple house.  The 7,500 square foot house I did last month, took about four hours.  Three furnaces and water heaters, five fireplaces, and five bathrooms take a while to inspect.   Of course the price is higher for home like that.

A while back, I was doing an inspection when another inspector arrived across the street.  When he arrived, I had already done the roof, exterior, and garage.  This is a big part of the inspection.  When I finished up my inspection, I noticed the inspector across the street was already gone.  My client also noticed the other inspector.  He asked me why I took so much longer than the guy across the street.  I replied, “I can only work so fast.  It takes me a while to evaluate the house in a manner that helps protect you from any unresolved issues.”  My client seemed rather put off that he wasted a big part of his morning waiting for the home to be inspected.  I ran into the client several months later.  He told me how pleased he was with the thoroughness of his report.  It told me that the speedy inspector across the street failed to report on several issues that should have covered.   My “slowness” was suddenly forgotten.

Some inspectors don’t care if the client is present.  I would prefer that they be there.  I can take pictures and write narrative, but sometimes it helps to point at the item and show them what the issue is.  I also like to make sure the client knows how to properly light pilot lights and take care of the normal maintenance items that  is critical to properly operating the home.

For me, a typical home inspection will take two hours. 

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