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Radon in Colorado Springs -- Is Your Home Affected?

As uranium naturally breaks down in rock, soil, and water, it releases a gas called radon. You’ve probably heard of radon, but you may not know exactly how or why it can be a threat to your health.


When radon is released out in the open, there’s no risk to people because the gas is able to dissipate very quickly. However, when radon is released inside of a home or any other enclosed structure, it can build up to a point where it becomes harmful to humans.


The problem is more widespread than you may think. In fact, radon is considered to be the second most common cause of lung cancer for people in the U.S. It’s a very real threat that should be taken seriously by all homeowners.


Which Homes May be Vulnerable?


Many new construction homes are built with radon gas in mind. With proper ventilation techniques, radon can be directed outdoors and away from living spaces.  


Homes built prior to 1970 are much less likely to have the proper systems in place. Radon gas wasn’t even considered a threat until studies began to confirm its harmful effects in the 1970s. The true threat of radon buildup wasn’t fully understood until the mid 1980s.


Is There Radon in Colorado Springs?


You’re probably wondering whether or not radon is something that affects homes in the Colorado Springs area. While the Appalachian Mountains region, Iowa, and Pennsylvania are believed to have the greatest concentration of the gas, radon is a problem everywhere. It’s definitely something that should be on the mind of homeowners in Colorado Springs because many areas of Colorado have registered radon levels far above the national average.


How to Get Started on a Solution


Your first step to finding a solution is to find out whether or not radon buildup is an issue in your home.


Willis Home Inspections utilizes Sun Nuclear Continuous Radon Monitors. It’s state of the art equipment that gives homeowners access to faster, more accurate results than other testing alternatives.


If elevated levels of radon are found in your home, don’t panic. Willis Home Inspection can walk you through the radon testing process and help you locate a reputable local specialist to deal with the problem.


You deserve to have confidence in the safety of your own home. Willis Home Inspection can help you achieve that.

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