Why DIY Home Inspections Are Not A Good Idea

Submitted by SteveWillis on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 08:17

Why spend $300.00 for an inspection when you can do it yourself?  Even a long time contractor should not do his own inspection.  There are many components in a home that need to be evaluated.  Some are obvious, others not so much. 

Most inspectors do their inspections based upon some Standard Operating Procedure.  The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has some of the most stringent requirements.  An ASHI inspector has a check list of what must be done for each inspection. An amateur inspector will not consider many of these items.

Typically, and inspector will have the proper tools for doing the inspection.  Some of these tools are very common and will be available to most people.  However, there are some specialized tools that are utilized in a home inspection.  Without the proper tools, a complete inspection will not be possible.

Practice makes perfect.  Having done over 1000 inspections, I have a set pattern to complete Colorado Springs home inspections in a timely manner.  My years of experience cannot be duplicated on a one-time basis.

What is really needed after the inspection is a completed report. There are numerous types of Inspection software available.  A computer geek and not an inspector will design even the best of these.   The software I use is a great tool.  However, new out of the box, the enclosed comments were not sufficient for a home in Colorado Springs. I have spent numerous hours “tweeking” the comments to be best suited for my area.   Typically, the report will be used by your Realtor to help negotiate any concerns the report may contain.  A good report will be easy to navigate and help the decision making process.

That, my friend, is why it is best to spend a bit of money to assure your home is properly, and thoroughly inspected. Contact me to discuss your needs for a home inspector in Colorado Springs, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Monument, Manitou Springs, and the rest of El Paso County and Pueblo County areas.

Submitted by SteveWillis on Wed, 11/11/2015 - 08:17