Why do you need a home inspection?

Why do you need a Home Inspection?


Purchasing a home is often the biggest purchases of a lifetime.   Years ago, a quarter of a million dollar home was a mansion.  In some communities, today, there are no homes available for that price. In many areas it is not unusual to have the average price of a home well over $250.000.00.  That’s a lot of money. 

The average cost of a home inspection in Colorado Springs is $300.00. (Prices vary depending upon the size of the home.)   For that small sum you will have a much better picture of what you are really buying.

If there were some costly repairs that needed to be done, would you still have the funds available?  Or did you spend all your cash reserves buying the house?  What if the roof was bad? What if the furnace doesn’t work properly?  What if there are life safety issues that your family will be living with?  It only makes sense to have the home properly inspected!

It is really amazing what I see every week.  Houses that look perfect, (often times “flipped” by an amateur), may be in terrible shape.  You can put lipstick on a pig…but it is still a pig. 

Why do you need a home inspection?  To make sure you really are getting the dream home you want, not a money pit that no one wants!