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Inspection Reports

About Your Home Inspection Report

There are many methods and styles of reports used by Home Inspectors.  In Colorado Springs, the majority of Home Inspection reports in Colorado Springs are presented in a computer generated format. After viewing and using several different programs, I have elected to use Home Inspector Pro software. This program offers concise, pictured filled reports that are easy to read and understand.  The finished report is available online, without large PDF files sent via E-mail. You will receive a password that will enable you to see your report any time on any computer.


The most common report is a "Buyers Report". This report will  assist a home buyer in making a more informed decision about the purchase. There are three distinct advantages to having a "Buyers Report" done.

  • A powerful negotiating tool. You know if, or, if not, there are items that should be taken care of by the seller.
  • Make a more informed decision.
  • The "perfect" house may have more items of concern than you are comfortable with. You know what to expect upon move in.


Another useful report is a "Pre Listing Report". This report is used by a home owner to make better decisions about selling their home.  The advantages of a "Pre Listing Report" are:

  • Helps you set a realistic price based upon your homes condition.
  • If repairs are needed, you have time to get bids without the deadline of an offer forcing your decision.
  • It is a great marketing tool. You can show prospective buyers the true condition of the home.